Custom drilled boulder priced per pound

  • Hand selected beautifully colored and textured rocks provide the backdrop for our most awe-inspiring water feature.
  • Boulder bubblers give the illusion that water is flowing up through the rock and cascading down its sides providing a truly natural-looking aquascape.
  • Granite, sandstone, limestone and mica boulders are used for these unique water features that can be used separately or grouped together for even more of an impact.
  • We keep hundreds of boulders in stock, so simply call us if you have a particular color and size in mind.
  • We also create custom bubblers from boulders weighing up to about 4,000 pounds.

Since each item is unique, size and weight are approximate:

  • #FN-GB-1     15"H       60 lbs
  • #FN-GB-2     18"H       90 lbs
  • #FN-GB-3     20"H     125 lbs
  • #FN-GB-4     22"H     250 lbs
  • #FN-GB-5     24"H     350 lbs
  • #FN-GB-6     Custom sizes priced by the pound

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