Typhoon Table Set

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  • #TS-JB-1 Typhoon Jade Table Set
  • Our dramatic Typhoon Table Set is carved and polished from beautiful natural jade boulders.
  • You won't see anything like it out in the marketplace.
  • And unlike other outdoor furniture, this will endure the elements and actually become more striking over time.
  • The table and seat tops are polished to a smooth finish, complementing the rustic natural boulder exterior of the base and seats.
  • Table Set includes Typhoon Table and 4 Jade Boulder Seats
  • Since each piece is unique, size and weight vary. These items are approximately:

    • #TA-JB-1 Typhoon Table: 36"L x 48"W x 30"H
    • #SE-JB-1 Jade Boulder Seat (4): 15"L x 15"W x 18"H
    •  2,300 lbs (total table set)

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