Extra Large Freeform Sandstone Birdbath

  • #BB-SS-6 Extra Large Freeform Sandstone Bench
  • Artisans have hand-chiseled century-old sandstone, in some cases reclaimed rock, to create these beautiful Freeform Sandstone Birdbaths.
  • More than feathered friends will be drawn to these stone art pieces.  
  • Choose from 10 inches to two feet in diameter.
  • Each consists of two pieces for easy mobility.
  • Since each piece is unique, size and weight vary. Approximately:
  • BB-SS-2:     Extra Small       10"D x 14"H       45 lbs    
  • BB-SS-3:     Small                14"D x 18"H       80 lbs
  • BB-SS-4:     Medium             18"D x 20"H     125 lbs
  • BB-SS-5:     Large                 22"D x 22"H     175 lbs 
  • BB-SS-6:     Extra Large        24"D x 24"H     250 lbs 

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