2" Boulder Penguin

  • Remember Pet Rocks in the ’70s? We think our versions are even cuter. Our Boulder Animals are so adorable, we’re predicting their owners will want to collect each species.
  • If you adopt Penguin, please consider taking a few siblings.
  • He’s assured us he’ll be happy in any environment, but like all penguins, he prefers a group to waddle around with.
  • Parents love gifting these real stone pets because they are not only no maintenance, they are virtually indestructible.

Since each boulder pet is unique, height and weight are approximate.

  • #AN-PE-02  2”H,  <1 lb 
  • #AN-PE-04  4”H,    3 lbs
  • #AN-PE-06 6"H,    5 lbs
  • #AN-PE-08  8"H,    10 lbs

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