Kneeling Chinese Warrior


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  • #CW-AR-70
  • In 1974, thousands of life-size terracotta warriors were found buried underground to accompany China's first emperor into the afterlife. The discovery of the 2,000-year-old sculptures is considered one of the greatest archaeological finds in history.
  • Stone Age Creations is proud to bring you hand-carved granite replicas of these warriors that will enhance any Asian-themed landscape or living space. We've given our stone soldiers an aged patina finish so they look as if they are already hundreds of years old. They will continue to patina gracefully even in the harshest of climates, lasting well into the next century.
  • Superb, hand-carved details make each warrior unique
  • An impressive addition to any garden or public space
  • Available as special order

Since each piece is unique, size and weight vary

  • 48"H
  • 700 lbs