Stone Types

A stone is a stone is a stone, right?

Wrong! Stone varies in texture, formation, color, durability, and usage. Since all stone is created by nature, each of our products is unique. Need a clearer picture of what we mean? Here is a summary of some of the different types of stone we use to manufacture our products:


Granite is an igneous rock typically formed as a result of volcanic activity. Due to its strength and durability, it is commonly used for applications like countertops in your kitchen or monuments in a cemetery.

Granite is a great choice for garden statuary products because it will last forever and should appreciate in value as it ages. Keep in mind that it takes many years of weathering to achieve a nice aged patina in granite, and it can get quite hot if it is in the sun. 


Some of the products we make come from granite that is quarried in 20,000 pound blocks and sawn, chiseled and carved to our specifications. These products will be fairly uniform in color, shape and size.

A few examples of this would be our Charcoal Plume Birdbath, Gold Granite Bench (pictured here) or Granite Bridge.


Granite boulders come in many sizes, shapes and colors and are collected from mountains, streams or fields. The outside surface of a boulder has a beautiful patina that is the result of hundreds or thousands of years of weathering.

Some examples of our boulder products would include the Granite Boulder Bench (pictured here), Granite Boulder Birdbath or Granite Boulder Lantern.


Sandstone is a sedimentary rock formed when sand is bonded together by the minerals that percolate through it over thousands of years. The sandstone used in our products has been quarried since the 1800s and is very durable. Many homes, buildings, and bridges made from the sandstone we use are well over 100 years old.



Some of the products we offer were quarried recently then sawn and carved into functional products for your garden.

Examples of this would be our Copper Sandstone Bench (pictured here).


Some of the sandstone products we offer are made from stone that was quarried nearly 100 years ago. These stones may have been used as a foundation for a house, barn or bridge, the curbing along a road or as a sidewalk.

Whenever we have the opportunity to buy these stones we will often use them to make our Drilled Sandstone Planters, Sandstone Troughs, Candle Holders, or Custom Drilled Water Features.


Jade is a semi-precious stone that is harder and more durable than granite. It has incredible color and character. This pretty much says it all!

Jade is a more expensive stone. Inherent to jade are inclusions and hairline fractures; however, these do not affect the durability or functionality of the product.

The jade we use for our products is in the form of large boulders that are collected from rivers and mountains. Some of our items - like the Typhoon table set - are made from jade boulders, where we leave the natural exterior of the boulder untouched. Other items - like the Tsunami table set - feature sawn and chiseled jade that has been polished on all sides.

Typhoon Table Set 

 Tropical Storm Table Set


Basalt is a very fine grained igneous rock, similar in hardness and durability to granite. Basalt is always dark grey to black in color.

The basalt we use for our products is more commonly referred to as columnar basalt because it is a 4-, 5- or 6-sided stone that is columnar in shape. Each formation of columnar basalt is fairly consistent in diameter, so if we are making a product out of basalt that requires some pieces that are 10" in diameter and other pieces that are 24" in diameter, we need to acquire these from two different quarries. An example of this very situation is our Basalt Birdbath:


Basalt Birdbath

Tufa Stone

Tufa stone is formed by the evaporation of mineral laden water that seeps out of the ground from caves.  Tufa is composed of calcium carbonate, the same material that forms seashells.  The process of tufa formation occurs gradually encrusting whatever is on the ground (twigs, leaves, etc.) leaving interesting castings.  Tufa formations occurred in only a handful of places around the world, including an approximate 3,000 acre flood plain near Castalia, Ohio.  Tufa stone is used in a variety of planters, and accents, including our popular Morel Mushrooms.


Marble is a metamorphic rock that begins life as limestone and over millions of years of heat and pressure the limestone becomes marble. While marble has been used in outdoor applications for hundreds of years we prefer use a more durable stone like granite, basalt, or jade whenever possible. Our main reason for using marble is because of the beautiful colors and patterns available. An example of this is our marble frog.


Indiana Limestone

Indiana limestone has been quarried and used as a building stone for nearly 200 years. Some of the more famous buildings made from this stone include The Pentagon and the Empire State Building. Indiana limestone is a sedimentary stone that is grey in color. Currently the only product we offer from this material is our Indiana Limestone Bench.